Love is kind; love is patient, it is not rude, it does not behave arrogantly, does not insist on getting its own way. It is not irritable or resentful. One of my favorite teachers, Keith Moore, teaches a sermon on love which is titled something like “love does not seek its own.” In that sermon... Continue Reading →


The ‘Virtue’ of Rising Early

According to the underlaying laws of culture that flow unnoticed but faithfully passed down generation to generation in America, I can tell how virtuous you are as a person by what time your alarm clock is set. It is a strange but foregone conclusion that the early you rise, the better person you are. It... Continue Reading →

The Unpardonable Sin

We’ve all done it. We felt that we needed to keep doing a behavior that the Bible says is wrong, so we rationalized it. We re-interpreted. We theologized. We made it ok for ourselves. But deep down, the guilt remained. Eventually the weight of that guilt became so heavy it began to effect our lives.... Continue Reading →

Introvert Evangelism

It’s hard for an introvert to listen to an evangelical sermon. Though the pastor is doubtless just trying to encourage his people, so often I feel discouraged, guilty, shamed, and sad after listening to a full hour of exhortation on the wonders and duties of evangelism. Your average evangelism encouragement sermon usually hits the following... Continue Reading →

The Virtue of Selfishness

There are those who believe the Church today is perfect. Maybe they are in a great church with people they know well, people they’ve known their entire life. Maybe their church is like their family. Those people are the lucky few, and this article is not for them. For most of us, the experience of... Continue Reading →

Why Is Messiah Taking So Long?

I’ve asked God a lot of questions over the years, and He eventually always answers them. Sometimes it takes Him a long time to answer for whatever reason, but the answers always appear. Even for the biggest and most difficult questions. One of my big questions was: “The Apostles believed that Yeshua was returning in... Continue Reading →

The Tare Principle

Satan uses what I call “the Tare technique” constantly. I have seen it most often in relationships. A Christian will pray to God for a husband or a wife, and immediately someone who looks like a great candidate for the position will appear -- but there will always be something a little wrong with that... Continue Reading →

Itinerant Spirits

God reveals things to me in dreams. “And it shall come to pass afterward That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions.” (Joe 2:28, Act 2:17) Since the Spirit of God was poured out... Continue Reading →

Demons Cheer Me Up

You know, I was just thinking the other morning about what really gives me hope in life, and the answer may surprise you. When I say what really gives me hope, I am thinking of hope in relation to the times of hopelessness in my life caused by a weakening of faith. Times when God... Continue Reading →

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