To Follow Law

The Church teaches that following Law is wrong. According to the mainstream Church, in general, the only reason the Law exists is to make us feel guilty.

Honestly, would Love do that? Would a God who is Love itself even be able to form anything that was not 100% pure, good, and loving?

Not that the Law is evil the same people quickly assert; it is perfect and that’s the problem. We are not perfect, therefore we cannot follow the perfect Law. To try is an exercise in futility. Any attempt to follow it leads only to guilt and an awareness of sins. Therefore we have to just ignore the Law.

I have only one problem with this stance.

I have no sin.

I am not saying I never sinned, or that I have never made a mistake. I am saying that I currently have no sin, because I have left it on the cross. Anyone who is alive in Christ Messiah (that is, their spirit is joined to His in a living, growing bond) can only maintain that bond by continually casting his or her sin onto Christ Messiah and claiming His death as their own.

By doing so, I functionally live as if I have never sinned. As a sinless person, following the Law is both beneficial and highly enjoyable. I feel absolutely no guilt; it is impossible to do so for I have no awareness of sin. How can I be aware of a sin that is completely washed away and gone from me?

The Church also seems to feel that following the Law is useless. I have heard so many sermons about how in Christ we are not under it anymore. Basically, Law has no bearing on our lives, no usefulness or purpose for a Christian, so we should just ignore it.

There are immense benefits to following the Law if one is completely sinless, as I am in Christ Messiah. We are given a list of these benefits in Deuteronomy chapter 28. They include such things as: God will defeat our enemies for us, God will fill our storehouses with food and supplies, God will bless our efforts in business and we will succeed. We won’t have to take out loans, because we will be so prosperous that we will be the people giving out loans to others. We will always be on top, not on the bottom. We will have the best. Elsewhere in the Torah we are told that we will be cured of all sickness, and have long life and length of days. Also we will not be barren, but will have children and families.

Yeshua Jesus said that he did not come to abolish the Law or the Prophets, but to fulfill them. (Matt. 5:17) Why don’t we take Him at His word? To fulfill means to complete, to finish.

The Law was very difficult to follow before Jesus Yeshua’s sacrifice — I am not saying impossible, because God did make a way. There was a method for temporarily wiping out the effects of sin (the price of it) by killing animals in a person’s stead. However that couldn’t last long, and it didn’t really get rid of sin.

The only thing that allowed the animal sacrifice system to work at all was the fact that in the future Jesus Yeshua did in fact die. Since there is no time or space in the Spiritual world, or according to the true Spiritual Law, that means that His death at one point in physical time and space is available spiritually to all time and space. People in the past merely tapped into it by using the blood of animals, which stood in for the future human blood that would be shed.

(By the way; in case it isn’t obvious, we no longer have to kill animals to atone for sins because that’s been done once and for all on the cross. However, we can still give God freewill offerings and gifts. And if you really want to argue about killing animals, be aware that when people brought animal offerings to God that were Festival or non-sin offerings, what they were doing was setting up a picnic. They took the dead animal home and ate it as a feast with their family. But the whole killing animals thing is silly to fuss about; back to the issue of whether following the Law is useless or not.)

After Jesus Yeshua’s sacrifice, sin could immediately be done away with the moment it was committed. As quickly as a person could give in to temptation and commit an evil act, that is how soon a person can repent of it and completely cut off that sin and its consequences from their lives. Remember that true repentance doesn’t mean being sorry for doing something; it means actively stopping it and never doing it again. Turning the back to it. Divorcing it. Treating it like a stranger and never speaking to it again.

When we sin, death is triggered in the spiritual world; and some kind of death (ending, failing, sickness, poverty, emptiness, etc.) proportionate to the sin that we just committed is birthed into the world. It starts coming for us like the Terminator. But as soon as we repent, we are suddenly made totally innocent of that crime and the consequences no longer have any legal right to attach themselves to us. God Himself will be able to go to battle for us to deliver us from the consequence of our sinful act. Legally, he cannot do this until we repent and claim the death of Jesus Yeshua as our sacrifice.

According to the Law, there are severe penalties for breaking the covenant, and these penalties are actually even more informative than the blessings. We can see a list of these in Deuteronomy 28. These sin-penalties include: curses, confusion, being rebuked in whatever we undertake, failure, pestilence, fever and all sorts of sickness (including tumors, the scab, and the itch which cannot be healed… eiw), ‘the sword’ and violence, drought and lack, being defeated by our enemies, madness, blindness, being oppressed and robbed, having no one to save us. We see wives being raped, houses being repossessed, our business being seized and taken away. We see our sons and daughters being captured by foreign people, we see exile, and idolatry. We see our harvest being eaten by worms and locusts. We see the lack of all things, nakedness, hunger, thirst, and the iron yoke of tyranny. We see war, a foreign nation swooping down and destroying our own. We see severe famine and in the extreme cannibalism and the killing of our own children. Extraordinary plagues. Chronic sickness. Becoming few in number. Becoming scattered and out of touch with other believers. Having no rest; having a quaking, fearful heart and being in dread night and day. Despair of soul. Failing eyes. No assurance of our lives. And finally, slavery.

These dreadful, horrible things are enlightening to read about because the sinless person can expect to have the opposite of each one of these. Are you making no profit on your business? That is under the Curse of the Law. You can put all of your sin upon the sacrifice of Messiah and stand up boldly to rebuke the devourer who is taking your profits, for according to the Law you are free of the devourer. It is part of the Curse, and you are free of the Curse. Are you physically sick? Sickness has no right to touch a sinless one. We are guaranteed complete health according to our Covenant with God. Tell the sickness to go; it cannot remain. Do you lack necessities in life? Lack is part of the Curse; it cannot be applied to a sinless one. Tell the lack to leave, and command whatever you need to come to you. It is Law. It must obey.

The Law is our power while we live here in the Earth. The Law was drafted in stone by God on the Earth, and it applies to the Earth. Once God makes an agreement, He can never break it. He will never revoke it or change it. The Law remains; it will remain forever. The sacrifice of Messiah Christ finishes and completes the Law so that it becomes 100% useful to His people. We now function as sinless under the Law. We are free of all the Curse, and have access to all the Blessing.

When I was studying in Jerusalem, a wise Jewish Orthodox man told me: only perform those parts of the Law that you can perform with a full heart; the ones that make sense to you, the ones you find that you love. As you follow first one law, then another, your capacity to follow more and more of it will increase as will your enjoyment.

Over the years I have found this to be true. I began by studying the Law and learning what the original laws were for, what they actually attempted to do or to fix. I learned the spirit of the law. Then I began to practice one or two daily things that I found enlightening and enjoyable. The Holy-Days are some of these; the Festivals written in the Bible, which are today called ‘Jewish Holidays’, are in fact God Holidays that He commanded all of His people to enjoy. They are for our pleasure, and also for our education.

The more of the Law I practiced, the more blessings I began to see appearing out of nowhere and just filling up my life! It was amazing! I made no money, I had no car or home of my own. Yet suddenly I had dozens of opportunities to learn new things, to buy things on the cheap, to receive gifts from others. I ended up with a whole new beautiful wardrobe, new furniture for my room, a huge rose garden, a dozen friends (and I don’t make friends often), opportunities to teach and disciple others, my physical appearance improved a thousandfold, and a hundred other amazing things… not to mention the slough of dreams, visions, revelations, and spiritual encounters that filled my life! Following the Law was like opening a tap for Heaven to pour down into my world.

But why wouldn’t it? God promised that if we followed the Law, Heaven would indeed pour down blessings. It is written. God cannot change it. It must happen. The Law is a great feast full of every good and wholesome thing, every need fulfilled, every dream realized. If the Church is starving, it is simply because they refuse to come to the table and eat.


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