Itinerant Spirits

God reveals things to me in dreams. “And it shall come to pass afterward That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions.” (Joe 2:28, Act 2:17) Since the Spirit of God was poured out upon all flesh on the Day of Pentecost forty days after Jesus’s resurrection, as Peter points out on that day, that means this verse is talking about now.

And we have certainly seen an increase in spiritual revelation by dreams, visions, and prophesy! (Don’t be too literal and bound by pedantic law; remember it is the spirit of the law we must understand not the letter. It’s not just old men who can have the dreams; remember in Christ there is neither young nor old, male nor female.) These manifestations of the Spirit of God which used to be very rare are actually commonplace now. Any Spirit-filled reborn believer is likely to have any and all of these manifestations occur in their lives from time to time. In fact if these manifestations are NOT occurring, then there is without doubt an unnatural blockage in the believer’s life preventing them from communing properly with the Spirit of God.

All three of them certainly occur for me. Every few months to years, generally, God will give me an extraordinary dream which unveils part of the spiritual world to my view. When I enter the spiritual world via a dream, usually it occurs during or just after the hypnagogic state. (I have some things to teach about this, but they will wait for another article.)

As often happens in the hypnagogic state, I saw my bedroom as if my eyes were wide open; except I didn’t just see what I usually see in my bedroom, which is nothing with some furniture. Instead, I saw the spiritual world overlaid on the physical world. (And when seeing in the spirit, even pitch blackness looks like gray twilight; you can see in the dark.) I saw both worlds at the same time. My room was packed with weary-looking kind of gray humanoid people. They reminded me of refugees or concentration camp victims packed into the space, but they weren’t skinny. They were just normal looking. They had normal clothes, modern haircuts, you’d think they were unhappy commuters in a modern day city.

They weren’t standing terribly close to the bed; they were back against the walls and pretty much ignoring me. They were not trying to be threatening or bother me in any way.

I saw angels come along — and mind you, angels look like humans too (and no the ones on earth don’t have wings), but you can tell they are angels because they almost glow with the power and authority God gives them — and start moving these people along, telling them they could not stay. The weary, gray people sighed and acted like any person would who just wants somewhere to shelter and rest, and gets kicked out instead. They were annoyed by this and unhappy but very mild-mannered and obedient (far more so than a human spirit would be), and I kind of felt sorry for them.

Because I was seeing this scene with my spirit instead of my brain, I actually knew immediately the true nature of everything I was seeing. Knowing a thing’s essence and true nature is a natural passive function of the spiritual. I could ‘see’ (for lack of a better word, we actually don’t have a word for this; I could intuit?) that these spirits which looked so perfectly human were not human at all, but were in fact some kind of passive, peaceful, sane spiritual beings which were wanderers in the dry, terrible desert of the spiritual world that this earth has become.

I was immediately reminded of Jesus’s description of this place. “When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none.” (Mat 12:43 and Luk 11:24) The spiritual world of the earth mostly looks like a slightly alien desert planet. It is hard-packed earth and during the day is bathed in very hot, bright light; and if there is water it is like the Dead Sea, an oily substance which is nothing but salt and minerals and can’t be drunk.

That terrible heat is the spiritual presence of the sun, which spirits and demons run from. This is why they do not seem to be around during daylight. Spirits (the ones made weak by being disconnected from God) actually hide in dark, sheltered places during daylight and they move about at night. There is an increase, a downright flurry, of spiritual activity at sunrise and twilight during which time these millions upon billions of refugee spirits are either playing a kind of musical chairs desperately seeking shelter, or they are coming out of these shelters restless after a full day of being cooped up.

In this hypnagogic state, since I don’t get up until well past nine, I was sleeping past dawn. I was seeing the angels show up for work for the day pretty much. They were kicking out a bunch of itinerant, refugee spirits which had taken up shelter in my bedroom. Those spirits were less than thrilled to be cast out into that hot morning sunlight, to wander seeking another place to rest now that most of the dark shaded places were full.

At first, as I said, I felt sorry for those poor, gray, weary spirits — but I knew what they were. These were not angels. Not anymore. And they were not going to do me any good, nor could I do them any good by letting them hang around. Trust me; their good days are behind them. They made a choice long ago that puts them eternally into the difficulty that they were experiencing. That was their choice, and nothing I can do can save them from it.

Now curious about what I had seen, I learned about this situation over the next months and years from the Spirit of God. I realized there are not just demons in the spiritual world, but these more peaceful (and common) ‘itinerant spirits’ which are just looking for a place to rest. These look human and may even act human, but they are not humans nor are they from God. They are ‘sane demons’ we might say. After all, remember that once upon a time demons were not the twisted, ugly, misshapen monsters that they have become; God did not make them to look like that originally, they did that to themselves through millennia of insanity and torment.

Where did these mysterious itinerant spirits come from? Well, where did demons come from? From what I can gather, the Earth was originally made with a vast army, or armies, of ministering spirits made to serve humanity. Lucifer talked them out of following their designed purpose and they followed him in rebellion against their Creator and by extension their purpose for existence.

After that connection with God and their purpose was broken, these spirits — of which there seem to be billions, perhaps two or three times the humans on earth now — became futile, wandering, useless, empty, purposeless. They became exhausted because without God to feed them life-energy they were left depleted (desperately hungry for spiritual energy) and miserable. Some couldn’t stand it and absolutely went bat-shit crazy; these are what we know as demons, which use fear and evil to scare the energy out of humans and feast on them like parasites. But not all are violent and black; in fact I believe those are the minority: most still look like the angelic creatures they once were.

In fact these fallen (I should say abandoned) angels (though God did not abandon them, but it was the other way around) are still tied to humanity, whom they were created to serve. In their way they still love us; but that love now takes on a twisted format as instead of ministering life to us they actually mimic our lives. They even follow humans around, cause themselves to look just like their host, speak like them, and imitate them like a very sophisticated parrot. It is these imitators that sensitives and mediums mistake for departed human spirits. The Bible calls them ‘familiar spirits’ because they are familiar with us… in a creepy stalker-like way. (What do you think drives the spirit of a stalker?)

These days, as people get more and more interested in the spiritual world, mediums, witches, and spiritists (along with psychologists) of all kinds are interacting with these itinerant familiar spirits and mistaking them for human ghosts. We see television shows full of actual real-life footage of so-called ghost hunters energizing these spirits, and then capturing on video spiritual phenomenon, especially disembodied voices. And yes, I have seen some of these shows that I believe got real footage. (Others are obviously silly, but a few are very factual and disturbing.)

While I cannot express how stupid this practice is, and how dangerous, I must point out that these spirits found by ghost hunters in ‘haunted’ places are not in fact humans at all. First of all, these spirits are not acting like sane, rational, normal people; most of them are downright violent, the rest are kind of lost and neurotic and weird, hiding from lights, running away like scared animals. Normal people don’t act like that, so that is their first clue. But human spirits are far too powerful to remain bound to this earth! The moment we leave our bodies, we are able to travel dimensionally. We are not bound. Thus, we do not stay. Why would we? Trust me, the spiritual world of Earth is not a pleasant place to be — in fact Spiritual-Earth makes the trash dump cities of India look like paradise in comparison. No, once a human being is free of their body, they have much better things to do and places to go than to hang around on this nasty used-up planet.

Please note that it is not necessary for these itinerant spirits to purposefully deceive the mediums and spiritists into believing they are the actual human that they are mimicking; the humans deceive themselves because without a living, active connection to God themselves they are blind and unable to see the spiritual world for what it truly is. Thus they are like a blind person handling what they assume to be something safe, when it is actually something totally different and unsafe. Without the Spirit of God to enlighten them, the spiritists can only see and experience what is right in front of their noses so to speak; and these miserable, desperate, neurotic itinerant spirits are not going to tell the medium, “look, I’m not really a human, I’m actually just imitating this one human that I became particularly fascinated by.” Why? Because the itinerant spirits are bat-shit crazy for the most part, because without God there is only insanity.

Why do these itinerant familiar spirits mimic humans? That is the golden question here. One must remember that the legitimate angels of God are always around us as well, and one of their jobs is to record our lives. (The “great cloud of witnesses” mentioned in Hebrews 12:1 doesn’t just refer to the departed saints, but also to our angelic ministers.) Many people who have near-death or out of body Heaven visits, and then return to earth, report that during the initial phase where their life is reviewed before the Judge (Jesus), angels come forward to display recordings (more like surround-sound holograms) of bits and pieces of their lives. That means angels are, right now, recording everything you say and do. Yes, the Bible was serious when it said “But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment.” (Mat 12:36)

These angels do this out of love; they love the human they are ministering to and for. They are made to be a ministering spirit, to be a companion, and it is the greatest thing in their lives, what that gives them the most pleasure and contentment. They record our lives like we take copious amounts of photographs of our grandbabies. They just can’t help it.

Itinerant, fallen angels are still what they were created to be; they too are ministering spirits, made to serve the sons of Adam and to be companions to humans. But now they do not have the love of God to inspire and fill them with compassion; instead only their created drive to be around, and ‘record’, human activities and lives remains. They accomplish this dead recording by neurotic, and sometimes half-insane, mimicry. (Where do you think the psychological condition comes from where a human truly believes they are a dead person, Napoleon, even imaginary people like Santa Claus, etc.? Also multiple personality disorder, and hypnotic regression where a person seems to become or remember a past life of some other human? A spirit which believes it is that person has attached itself to them, even possessed them in the case of MPD, in an attempt to gain for itself a body and live out its neurotic fantasy.)

But though these semi-sane itinerant ‘familiar’ spirits are not physically twisted, burned (blackened), sick, demented and violent like the ones we commonly know as demons, they are nonetheless troublesome. These are not happy spirits; they are not from God; they do not carry His love and life-energy the way angels do. They are doomed earthly spirits which are weary and miserable and have no place to rest. (In fact, they are so numerous and all-pervasive especially in cities that I strongly suspect modern society is unconsciously being modeled after these spirits and their weary, endlessly pointless lives. People pick up and are strongly influenced by the spiritual energy around them, though modern man is foolishly unaware of this.)

As a spiritual sensitive and empath, my spiritual energy is extremely valuable because it is so easily stolen from me. Walking into a crowd of un-born-again humans sucks the spiritual energy right out of my body. Going into a room full of these itinerant spirits also makes me feel exhausted (though not as quickly since they are not nearly as powerful as human spirits) because their apathy, weariness, and the crowd of them all draws energy from me.

I have learned to cast ALL spirits out of my home which are not angels. Itinerant spirits cannot take shelter in my sanctuary any more than demons can. Only angels are allowed to be with me in my earthly space. It is especially important to clear out one’s bedroom at night when one lays down to sleep so that one can avoid so-called ‘nightmares’ (which are really just demonic harassment) and also stipulate that wandering spirits may not remain either. They will just drain your energy.

How can one clear one’s home of spirits? First is it necessary to have a solid understanding of a born-again human’s authority in Christ, which is a very long and involved study for someone who has never heard of such a thing. Perhaps in the future I will write about it. For now, there are a lot of ministers out there who teach on exactly this subject so it is likely you can find some lessons online.

Once you understand your authority, that you are given power to judge angels, that everything on the earth is under your command (including and especially demons thanks to Christ’s resurrection), then you simply speak aloud what you are commanding to happen. Speak as God did, with faith: when God created the earth he simply spoke, and it was. “God said… and it was.” That is how you, made in the Image of God, were built to operate, too. Speak out loud: tell the demons and spirits to get out, speak the blood of Jesus over your bed and over your home, tell the spiritual world exactly what it can and cannot do. If you don’t want any human to hear you, do this in a quiet voice in your bathroom or a closet. As long as it is spoken, the spiritual world hears it and must obey.

The more you practice this authority, the stronger you will become. Oh and a warning: the stronger you become in spiritual authority, the more interested in you demons will get. They see big spirit power like a huge flame, and they are like moths. Hungry, vampiric moths who want to feast on your energy. They will come for you. Keep casting them out; you will go through seasons where it seems like there are billions of the suckers and you are being swamped, throwing them out every night only to get a whole new batch the next night. But eventually the assault will subside and you will have stretches of peace. This world is a battleground; remember that. Peace and easiness alternates with difficulty and effort. We must fight when it grows difficult; that is the glory and misery of this world.

The good thing is that once you know what spirits inhabit the spiritual world, and the authority you have over them, you will cease to fear them. They will become a mere nuisance where once, perhaps, they were your terrorists. It’s worth it. More than that, it’s our job as believers to take authority over this world — both the physical and the spiritual. Stop letting the spirits push you around! Stop letting them give you nightmares! Stop believing the foolish scientists who tell you that it’s your own brain making up those sick, twisted, demonic things at night! It’s not. If it didn’t happen by YOUR will, then you did not do it. Stop putting up with it! Stop being a spiritual victim! Get violent! Seize the Kingdom!

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” (Mat 11:12) Amen!


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