Why Is Messiah Taking So Long?

I’ve asked God a lot of questions over the years, and He eventually always answers them. Sometimes it takes Him a long time to answer for whatever reason, but the answers always appear. Even for the biggest and most difficult questions.

One of my big questions was: “The Apostles believed that Yeshua was returning in their lifetime, and every century, almost every generation of people has been convinced that Messiah is about to return. Yet it has been over 2k years. If Christianity is real, why is it taking so long?”

He answered me while I was staring at my iPhone.

“You see that device?” He seemed to ask (not in those words, it was an impression). “How long did it take Mankind to come up with that device?”

And of course I had to think about how technology has advanced over the centuries, and the huge tech boom that happened in the 1960’s… concurrent I might add with a massive spiritual boom which totally re-directed the Church and also gave birth to Satan’s greatest movements.

Suddenly God just showed me the answer to that question: why has it taken so long for Messiah to come?

Point 1: God does not change. If God did things one way, He will always do them that way. When Messiah came the first time he had to use human technology — shoes, clothes, donkeys. He walked most places. He did not ride around in a heavenly chariot of fire, nor did he glow, nor did he (until the Ascension) float. That means when he does finally return to the Earth, he will be bound to use whatever technology we have here at that time. (He will however be able to do miracles; but miracles like walking on water are exceptions. His main mode of life was to live according to the way everyone lived at that time.)

Point 2: The Kingdom of God will be one human being, Messiah, ruling the planet. God asked me a simple question: Can one human being, with the technology you have now, sit in a chair in a room and rule the whole planet? My answer was to hesitate. Almost. I wouldn’t say yes to this yet, because right now it still takes teams of people to do this task; thousands of people. But we are certainly drawing closer and closer to this social and physical technology.

Much of what we need is social organization. Right now parts of the earth are totally out of reach for one man sitting in a chair in a room somewhere. Those parts need to be integrated; that means tech needs to get to them, both social and physical tech. Can one man sitting in a room issue an order, and everyone obey it? Right now… almost? Not quite.

He said: think of how much technology and social advancement it has taken to get Mankind to the level where one man can ALMOST rule the world. It’s a lot of advancement. That’s what has taken so long… not God! God has been ready since day 1. But humans are not doing their jobs of following the inspiration and the dream.

We know from first-hand accounts of people who have gone up to Heaven and returned, and also those (including myself) who have had visions of Heaven, that in many ways Heaven has higher technology than the earth does. One example is that it has floating ‘trolley cars’ which seem to have no motor. Another example I personally saw was a ‘television’ which was actually somehow just a section of paint on a wall, but functioned as a TV. (We can imagine how to do this now with nanotechnology, but they already have it up there.)

Why is Heaven more advanced? Because although God releases the inspiration for technology to everyone equally, those in Heaven are obedient and quickly act on the inspiration. Their social technology is very high, so the inspiration is freely passed around. Plus there are no copyrights. Advancement happens very quickly.

On the earth however, people are often 1) disobedient to the vision, 2) too poor or oppressed to carry out the vision, 3) too greedy to share the vision (because of the way the earth works, copyrights are necessary, but slow advancement down massively because the inventor has to die before others can even see their stuff). Because of these reasons technological and social advancement has happened extremely slowly on the Earth; so slowly that God had to take a gamble and give the Earth a huge “boost” during the 60’s to get the juices flowing and try to catch us up a little with where Heaven is. Thus the computer and internet were invented, among many other things that appeared in that time frame.

God told me that He has a timeline: there is an end date, a day when Satan’s ownership of the world will be over. . Eventually the Messiah will return, and the earth will be ready. He will have to do some pretty radical things, however, to get the Earth to that stage because even with the 60’s boost it is still lagging way behind schedule. Most of the book of Revelation is about those massive changes.

Our purpose right now as a species is to get the earth ready for one human being to sit in a chair and rule the planet. Because of the Tare Law — that every time God sows wheat, Satan comes along and sows tares — we know that Satan will try to jump in right before Messiah comes and sow a fake Messiah who will imitate him and attempt to win his people away before he comes. Satan always does this. He does this with marriages; he sows a fake mate to try to trap the person and get them to take the bait so they miss their real mate.

But as I will explain in a future article, we must not fear this anti-Christ. He will come, yes, but Messiah will come soon after. And as a species, we still have to work hard toward making the world a place that one human being can rule.

Whether the canonical Church likes it or not, everything working toward this one-world government is actually working toward the Kingdom of Christ, and will be blessed. I found this today: A Swedish Billionaire Will Award $5 Million For Reimagining Global Governance. Boom. Someone is doing God’s will. And only those who are “in” on what God is doing will even be aware of it.


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