The following is a summary of my beliefs for those who are curious. I could write an entire book on why I believe each of these points, so I won’t try to defend any of these positions, I will merely state them.

I hold to the teaching of the Bible. It is the only religious text that makes 100% sense to me. The more I study and comprehend it, the more I see the so-called ‘conflicts’ in the text are actually just an artifact of its age. We misunderstand because we are looking back 5,000 years through dozens of translations and… well, things have changed, most often just writing style. And, amusingly, that is enough to throw everyone off.

I read both the ‘Old’ and ‘New’ testaments and consider the entire Bible to be valid, useful, and authoritative. I do not believe that the ‘old covenant’ has been erased and should be thrown out of the Bible, but rather that it has been enhanced and completed and is just as necessary to our spiritual life as the new covenant. (In fact, I believe that the new covenant is in fact an amendment to the old covenant, and without the old, the new cannot even be understood.)

I follow the Bible as much as I can without embellishment. In other words, without attaching to it modern ceremony or ritual. While I study both Judaism and Christianity, I am more familiar with Christianity, but I find little value in the traditions and culture that has grown up around the practice of that religion. I consider myself to be non-religious; in other words, I do not hold to rituals, forms of worship, litanies, chants, superstitions, etc.

I follow the spirit of the law, instead of the letter. This goes for both Judaism and Christianity; and yes both have very strict ‘law’ surrounding their common culture and practice. Usually that ‘law’ comes from old traditions (like how to dress, what is ‘modest,’ how to act, which Bible verses don’t actually work, etc.) that have been passed down through specific earthly cultures for hundreds of years. I find little value in such old relics, and instead seek my own means of expressing the Way of God. I follow what the law really means, rather than what it literally says.

I am born-again. My spirit has been changed by becoming bonded to the Holy Spirit. My faith is purely a living, breathing relationship with YHVH, and as a relationship it grows and changes. It is also unique to me, since no two people can have the same relationship with God. The way I put some scriptures into practice may not be the way others will. That is the way it should be. (And why the Way of God can adjust and fit into any culture anywhere.) Also I must emphasize that I can only express my understanding of spiritual things based on my current state of maturity: as time passes I know more and I amend my previous beliefs.

My only true teacher is the Holy Spirit who instructs me on the meaning of His book, the Bible. However, He also quite often leads me to various assistant teachers and ministers through books, blogs, websites, and video channels. I have also attended various live classes in churches, home groups (Christian and Jewish) and a Yeshiva. My policy is to listen to all, and to take with me only what I found useful and edifying, that which my Teacher points out that I should pay attention to, and that which gels with my own spirit in its current level of maturity. If I do not like a minister or teacher or their message I simply will not mention that person. I refuse to speak ill of any servant not my own.

Finally, I consider myself at least honorarily Jewish. Since my grandmother (whose family escaped German persecution after World War One) was most likely Jewish, I consider myself at least partially physically Jewish. I also take literally what was taught to us by the apostle Paul: “Now if you are of Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, heirs according to the promise.” I believe that all those who are spirit-bonded to Yeshua (Jesus) are of the Tribe according to Heaven’s reckoning.


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