Jesus Is An Introvert

Jesus was probably an Introvert. If he took the Meyers-Briggs personality test, he would most likely test as an INFJ. If you do a little research you’ll discover that most people who use and study the Meyers-Briggs personality inventory agree that Jesus was probably an INFJ, but might have been an INTJ, INFP, or INTP... Continue Reading →


Introvert Evangelism

It’s hard for an introvert to listen to an evangelical sermon. Though the pastor is doubtless just trying to encourage his people, so often I feel discouraged, guilty, shamed, and sad after listening to a full hour of exhortation on the wonders and duties of evangelism. Your average evangelism encouragement sermon usually hits the following... Continue Reading →

Introvert Style Church

As any introvert knows, today’s church experience is painful. (If you are unclear about what an introvert is, check out this excellent article in the Huffington Post by John Welrick). Churches are getting bigger and bigger, and louder and louder. In some churches the amps are turned up so loud during ‘worship’ singing that they... Continue Reading →

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